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M48A2 Dozer Tank by Lance Mertz

Build/conversion notes and background.
The first tanks used in the Republic of Vietnam by the US Army were M48A2 “Gassers”, called this because they had gasoline engines. They had very limited range, were prone to catching fire when hit and were not very reliable.  By 1967-68 all of these had been replaced with the diesel powered M48A3, with the exception of a number of M48A2 Dozer tanks, presumably because they were less likely to be used in combat and that they were usually part of the Engineer units, not the tank companies. In the 11th ACR tank D-66 (D Company is the organic tank company of the First Squadron of the ACR), was an old M48A2 gasser.  It is not a perfect rendition, but is more of a composite of all of the M48A2 dozer tank pictures I have obtained.

The build:
I started with the Monogram M48A2 kit, which is very inaccurate.  I was advised not to and the farther I got into it the more I regretted it, but somehow I persevered and it is finally done. 
Changes made:
-Front fenders modified and molded on track blocks removed.  AFV track blocks substituted.
-Molded on tool holder removed.
-Molded on tow cabled removed and new ones fabricated and mounted.
-Travel lock removed and replaced with M48A3 Tamiya lock.
-Turret sides sanded down and hand rails from Tamiya kit used.
-Water cans from spares box substituted.
-Searchlight mount and cover fabricated, searchlight from Academy kit used.
-Searchlight cable and connector added.
-M9 Academy dozer blade assembled and connection to hull modified with epoxy putty to
  adapt to the M48 hull.
-Headlights and guards modified to match pictures of D-66.
-Dozer hydraulic pump added (worst part of conversion and I do not like the results).
-20 MM ammo cans, tank ammo box, C-rations, track blocks, ammo cans, water can, spare
  road wheel and chain added.  
-White decals applied. 
-Weathered and dirtied up. 
-Added convoy light.
-Added resin antenna mount and wire antenna.
-Some more gear in the bustle rack.

OK, it is not perfect and I know it, but it took over a year of sporadic work.  The back deck is wrong and I think there are other errors, but I am done with this project.